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We conceptualize Ideas to create a value-driven purpose. We build cloud-native solutions that offer the performance and agility to create a data-driven enterprise.

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Smart data and blockchain

Smart Data and Blockchain

With evolving technologies, new types of ecosystems and global processes will develop to keep our Digital and Real-world in sync

Startup Innovation

Startup Innovation

We think access to technology should be ubiquitous and not limited by the structure of an organization

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

If a solution is revenue-generating and quick-to-operationalize, it generates innovative and exciting work for the entire enterprise



Every month about $500M worth of food is disposed of in the US because of unsold perishable food that has passed the expiry date. In a recent study conducted by Feeding America, a network of over 200 food banks, it was observed that the food banks across the US had reported an increase of up to 40 percent in demand for emergency food assistance in the last year

Bridging the economic divide

An enterprise asset is a subject ‘owned’ by a company. Assets can be physical – tangible – or non-physical – intangible. For asset-intensive industries, profitability and growth depend on how efficiently assets are employed—including minimizing downtime, maximizing availability, and managing changeovers

Enterprise asset management