Software Services

Software Services

Full-stack software development service for web and mobile products, and integration with the current environment. An end-to-end solution from business analysis to architecture, development, deployment & maintenance.

Software development full-stack


Use a multi-disciplinary design approach to achieve a clean uncluttered application UI/UX experience

At Synapse we offer a full suite of creative and results-driven web design solutions. Our highly innovative and advanced designs do the talking while attracting and engaging your target audience, taking user experience to a different level altogether. 

Regardless of whether you are searching for the web, mobile, or cross-platform solution, our design specialists have the HTML, CSS, Angular, Javascript, Reactjs and related skills to develop natural front-end application designs that work for the browser and mobile applications. Our team uses state-of-art tool sets to collaborate with you on your ideas and bring a final design front-end to bearing.

Software language frameworks


Leverage diverse application stacks and software frameworks services to suit your application and business needs

Our development team addresses a variety of technology stacks. Our teams develop applications keeping Twelve-factor build philosophy at the top of their minds. This ability to create application wholly abstracted from underlying infrastructure allows us to deploy multiple instances of the same application within a couple of minutes. We bring the same enterprise-class approach of automated build and zero-downtime deployments across all projects. 

Integration services


Connect custom applications with third-party SaaS solutions and create a holistic user experience

We develop custom platform and applications addressing your business needs and integrate solutions with SaaS solutions.   Our integration experts tactically incorporate a new or upgraded data source or applications into an enterprise information infrastructure for a holistic usage and reporting experience. 

Continuous testing and QA automation

Quality Assurance

Create multiple use cases for manual and automated testing to reduce cost and time to test your applications

Dedicated team to test every aspect of an application during design, development and delivery phases enables Synapse to reduce bug count and delivery cycles.  Our Quality assurance team uses Continuous Testing as a process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate as rapidly as possible.  The ability to focus and test critical application processes and run continuous testing as an automation tool set during our build process creates a way for rapid deployment and faster delivery of projects.

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Redesign and refactor your legacy applications and make then multi-cloud ready

Bring your business insight and business model to us and we will help build a digital vision. We work with you to collaborate on ideas and create a product road-map. Our design team creates a brand strategy and product workflows to flush out the details. The delivery team creates salable architecture and code to bring your ideas to life. Our QA team and support team ensures bug control and 24 x 7 availability of your applications.

Application modernization

Application Migration & Modernization

Migrate applications between clouds and re-architect the technology stack for a unified solution

Refactor your applications or do a as-is migration of legacy workloads to any cloud environment of your choice. Our teams work with you round-the-clock to ensure there is dependency mapping and migration workflow.  In the process, take the opportunity to refactor applications and modernize them to newer age platforms.

Robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate mundane human tasks and free-up your skilled workforce for advanced analytical tasks

Manage repeatable tasks while maintaining standardization, reduce error rates while creating a fiction-less straight through process. We use Artificial Intelligence through robotic automation. Release your business users from performing repetitive tasks and enable them to perform more constructive tasks. Streamline your overall processes and witness improved business performance in a cost-efficient manner.