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Spotlight | Areas of Focus

Everyday Synapse employees collaborate to create solutions tailored for specific business needs. Our range of solutions is aligned to drive business and digital transformation. Our mission is to connect solutions and create a tightly coupled landscape for our customers

Data Analytics

Extract data from decentralized warehouses, create IoT solutions, run analytics, data visualization & reports for business insights

Software Services

Full-stack development for web and mobile products, and integration with the current environment

Cloud Solutions

Host applications on our fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS). We automate and operate IT operations allowing businesses to fully focus on their customers. 

Hypercare Operations

Leverage our expertise in hybrid cloud security, virtualization, and automation to manage critical enterprise operations 24×7 in your data center of choice

Internet of Things [IoT]

Design, test, prototype, source and deploy comprehensive IoT solutions which include sensors, PCBs, communication modules, data, and edge gateways

Talent Solutions

Amplify your project teams with Synapse personal for particular skill-sets or use our white-glove recruitment service for sourcing, managed interview process, negotiations, and closures

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