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Data Analytics

Extract data from decentralized warehouses, create IoT solutions, run analytics, data visualization & reports for business insights.

Data Analytics

Our fully managed, serverless approach automatically takes care of performance, scalability, and availability requirements for your data analysis. With no infrastructure to manage, you can easily leverage services to analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data in minutes, not months.

Data Portfolio

Data Extraction

Design and build data pipelines to extract, clean and explore data from multiple sources to generate business insights

Data Transformation

Deploy automation jobs to transform streaming and batch data sets for correlated insights

Reporting & Forecast

Generate reports to analyze current results and forecast business outcomes with machine learnt data models

Instant Insights

Stream analytics lets you accelerate the pace at which you serve customers, interpret the market, and run your business—without changing your existing team or straining your budget. Our unified data analytics platform provides easy access to stream and batch processing, and Apache Beam provides pipeline portability for hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Predictive Insights

Using simple SQL, built-in plug-and-play ML models, and automated workflows, data analysts can perform predictive analytics right out of the box and with high accuracy. Using our data platform services, you can even apply machine learning and advanced analytics at scale to data that’s already in your data warehouse without having to duplicate and move it.

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