Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Extract data from decentralized warehouses, create IOT solutions, run analytics, data visualization & reports for business insights.

Extract and stream data from multiple sources. We work with a platform of your choice or help architect, one that fits your needs.

We clean and transform your data, via automate means. Our engineers process, identify and clean raw data for accurate results.

Design a secure resting place for all your ingested data. We architect your data lake solution and produces daily enterprise class reports for consumption.

Data-driven Solutions

Deliver effective, highly scalable, high-performance Data analytics applications. Reduce your risk, implementation time and cost. Our team of experts works closely with you to design proof-of-concept prototypes utilizing Big Data technologies. On successful validation of the prototype, we help you to scale and deploy your Big Data solution to a production-grade implementation. 

Synapse provides cost-effective maintenance, support, and optimization of your Data solutions. Our team of data engineers and scientists have diverse domain expertise and in-depth experience in strategizing and implementing turn-key Big Data solutions.  Our engineering team focuses on innovative technologies to solve data-intensive challenges while leaving you time to create marketing campaigns and drive sales cycles.

With Synapse data analytics solutions you get:

Faster time to market: Technical evaluation and rapid piloting Infrastructure.

Better ROI: Reduce the cost on initial investment and maintenance on IT.

Quality outcomes: Leverage robust infrastructure, skilled resources, and solution accelerator to improve quality.