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It’s a matter of pride being a technology partner of Your Grateful Nation Organization. YGN is a Non-Profit Organization devoted to transitioning special operation veteran to be the skillful resource by mentoring individual in accordance with their interest and eventually lead to a successful career, post-retirement. So NGO has a pre-built website to reach out to the veteran community to serve and support the unique talent of our true heroes and handling the donor, mentor, and employer.

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Synapse Team aims to provide a robust IT support and maintenance operations by applying unequalled services or as agreed in documented SLA (Service level Agreement) timelines

  • Provide maintenance to the website using PHP5, jQuery , HTML5 & CSS3
  • Complete Content Management System
  • Google analytics integration
  • Updates handling, Testing and Bug-fixing


Synapse LLC along with its highly qualified software professionals provides a preliminary design concept by applying 360-degree approach which include analysis, design, implementation, content management, updates handling, testing, bug fixing and maintenance.

  • A detailed document with business requirements was created
  • Design mockups were created and shared with client for review and discussions
  • Finalized designs were converted into static pages and hosted for further review and feedback
  • Development team integrated the website logic with the front-end HTML pages
  • Front end features, like slider images, etc. were added towards the end
  • QA team performed cross-platform testing to ensure website quality was not compromised throughout the process


After the satisfactory completion, Synapse team integrates a robust CMS so that client can make changes easily to the website, without requiring a dedicated workstation or additional software thus save website revision cost and ensure that website remains fresh and up to date by conducting the version check periodically whilst client can emphasize on successful occupation of the resource. Synapse supports and maintains the entire environment which is hosted on our next generation PaaS – “Synapse Xtreme Engine” – SXE.

  • Tools: Eclipse (STS), Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Netwheels, CFCLI
  • Database: MySQL
  • Platform Support: Laptops, Tablets & smartphones
  • Browser Support: Cross Browser Compatibility