Smart Tenant Repair
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Smart Tenant Repair

Our Client is looking for an easy way online for tenants to reports their Household faults and maintaining them in their rented properties. This portal is a smart way to manage the workflow of the Agents and their associated tenants by making reporting faults, acknowledging and resolving effortlessly. This means Property manager would not have to chase repairman for quotes or to resolve repairs and thus free up the time to focus on their core business.

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    Smart Tenant Repair

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Team Synapse aims to develop a 24 x 7 Online Repair Reporting White label system with out-of-box configurations. Admin panel is equipped with the ability to create sub-domain dedicatedly for the Agents, with basic customization features like White labeling, selecting a language of their choice, adding their logo, etc helps resolve issues raised by their tenants painlessly. Basic highlights of our Smart tenant Application:

  • White labeling option for the Agent
  • Comprehensive Repair Reports
  • Photo Upload
  • User-Friendly & highly interactive user Interface to report issues
  • Tenant Registration not compulsory
  • Registration/ Login module (Admin/Agent/Tenant)
  • Centralized repair dashboard
  • 24 x 7 repair reporting Facilities
  • Cross-Device compatibility


With 50+ of agencies and 100+ of tenants across the UK now using the multi-tenant system to repair and maintain their rented properties with seamless user-experience which help engage B2C users & B2B Sub-Agencies to make more sales.

Basic highlights of our complete work order system are given below

Tenant Module (B2C)

  • User registration/login (optional)
  • Profile Management
  • Generate tickets with photos/ brief description
  • Ticket history
  • Feedback

Agent Module (B2B)

  • Agent login
  • Agency profile management
  • White label page for reporting
  • Dashboard Review
  • Check and acknowledge Ticket for repairing
  • Generate a quotation on the basis of description/image
  • Contact Property Manager and contractor for approval
  • Ticket Management

Admin Module

  1. Profile management
    • Activate / deactivate sub admin
    • Sub-admin roles & rights management
  2. Tenant Master
    • Activate / deactivate tenant
    • View user profile
    • Acknowledge user request
    • Can check the tickets generated by the users.
  3. Agent Master
    • Add / Activate / deactivate agent
    • Manager List of the Agents
    • View Agent Profile
    • Manage settings for Agent Page


Our revolutionary Repair reporting System with inevitable features can be accessed at Synapse team working towards to make smart tenant portal to be the industry standard for repair reporting in rental properties and officially managing a version-controlled development and production repositories of this website for our customers, while they engage with businesses with their marketing efforts.

  • Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Invision
  • Technology: PHP, XML, Jquery, Javascript, Angular
  • Database: MySQL
  • Platform Support: Laptops, Tablets & smartphones
  • Browser Support: Cross Browser Compatibility