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Quickease is an e-commerce website with over 30 different product ranges. Quickease is dedicated to 100% customer delight ensuring that everything from placing the order to delivering it is smooth and hassle-free. Synapse team is responsible of making the first half of online shopping indulging and user friendly. Quickease is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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As a part of our services, customer required an easy to use interface and a great User experience with simplistic design. The final goal was to deliver:

  • A wireframe of the website
  • Logo design
  • PSD designs of the portal for design discussions
  • Banner design and configuration files for blog
  • Develop the entire website using Java, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Complete Content Management System
  • Registration/login module
  • Allow zero inventory purchase
  • Enable Geolocation services
  • Complete solution optimized for high traffic and quick response
  • Responsive website designed for desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • A registration platform integrated with a payment gateway solution like authorize.net
  • Social media integration


Upon development of a solid business logic and information flow architecture, Synapse development team started working on this project. As a process, design team started hashing out the designs while simultaneously the development team started working on the core skeleton of the website. QA team was engaged during the design phase itself to help review designs and understand use cases.

  • A detailed document with business requirements was created
  • Design mock-ups were created and shared with customer and Synapse team for review and discussions
  • Product and website logos were created
  • Finalized designs were converted into static pages and hosted for further review and feedback
  • Development team integrated the website logic with the front-end HTML pages
  • Dynamic dashboard and graphing engine integration
  • Front end features, like slider images, etc. were added towards the end
  • QA team performed cross-platform testing to ensure website quality was not compromised throughout the process


Quickease is an e-commerce website which contained various technological advancements unlike other competitors like Geo-location services, review system, drop downs for same category different capacity objects etc. Quickease was first of its kind project by synapse and it has enjoyed huge amount of success worldwide.

Synapse supports and maintains the entire environment which is hosted on our next generation PaaS – “Synapse Xtreme Engine” – SXE.

  • Tools:Eclipse (STS), Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Netwheels, CFCLI
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Browser Support: Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Platform Support: Laptops, Tablets & smartphones

Tags: Website, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Netwheels, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones