Company Clips 2.0
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Company Clips 2.0

Company Clips 2.0 is a complete reworking of the system that delivers Disney content to Guests across the entire spectrum of Disney properties.

In 2014 Company Clips realized that they needed a project that would transform Company Clips from a locked short loop to a system of channels which would be more flexible and more closely conform to the needs of the Company Clips partners. Synapse team realized the customer’s challenge and worked in hand with the customer. The result of those efforts is a new web portal to manage the scheduling and tracking of content. A new system of digital media players which will replace the DVD disks employed since the beginning of Company Clips and this project comprise the new Company Clips 2.0.

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    Company Clips 2.0

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They needed a database that tracks all the pertinent data and metadata required. Then an algorithm that, based on a set of criteria provided, would output a list of spots that would be sent to the players for a given 24hr period.

In its final form they had a browser based submission form. They would need a scheme for uploading and viewing spots for approval and annotation, which would in turn populate the database. The scheduling program should then sort and query for all the spots that are eligible to play on a given day and generate a playlist – most likely in some generic form (csv, xml?) that can be understood by the media players.

  • A wireframe of the website
  • Logo design
  • Develop the entire website using PHP5, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Complete Content Management System
  • Google analytics integration
  • Responsive website designed for Desktop, Tablets and Smartphones


Synapse started working on this and made parallel streams for development and design tasks to run in parallel. While the design team was busy creating a simple and elegant interface, the development team worked on database & web services for Movie fetch, streaming and search mechanisms.

  • Synapse conducted a detailed analysis of requirements
  • Project deliverables were fenced with a formal Statement of work with the customer, before commencing the project
  • Outcome of analysis was a detailed project plan, aligned to delivery time
  • With a systematic approach development resources were injected into this project to get the maximum efficiency


Company Clips 2.0 represent a major step forward in the video content delivery method. They are no longer bound by the maximum DVD size of about 2 hrs. Neither are they required to replace all the content if any of it changes. This is a major turnaround in the video based content distribution market and introduction of an innovative change like this has led to immense pride among the synapse team!

Synapse supports and maintains the entire environment which is hosted on our next generation PaaS – “Synapse Xtreme Engine” – SXE.

  • Tools: Eclipse, Photoshop, GoMockingbird
  • Database: MySQL
  • Browser Support: Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Platform Support: Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

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