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Chronicle is an app developed for Powerhouse Education. Powerhouse Education was founded by husband and wife teachers, Andy and Ellen Raupp. In their ninth and tenth year teaching, Andy and Ellen are board certified teachers working in one of Newsweek’s nationally top-ranked schools in New Jersey. Holding undergraduate and graduate degrees, both have been awarded the prestigious title of “Teacher of the Year”. Understanding the increasing demands and expectations placed on teachers, Andy and Ellen created Powerhouse Education with the vision of providing teachers with the tools to effectively and more easily implement educational best practices, knowing that empowered teachers will yield stronger, more successful students.

  • Client:

    Education App for Teachers (Chronicle)

  • Our Role:



Customer had conceptualized a revolutionary idea where teachers could capture and document student progress using the latest tools that technology could provide.

One of the key challenges of this app was to take the existing concept and develop into a logically flowing idea. Not only did it require a proper concept and technology planning, but it also needed a way to fit everything in app to make it easy for teachers to navigate and have a seamless experience.

Synapse started working with the customer as a team to deliver a stellar solution. The final goal was to deliver:

  • Concept layout and information flow designs for iPad
  • Application architecture and security planning
  • Wireframe and Design iPhone app using Blueprint and Storyboard
  • Logo & splash screen design
  • UI layout for App to work in all orientations on iPad
  • Database design
  • Module design and development
    • Student Roster management module
    • Student Roster management module
    • Class management module
    • Conference and media management module
    • Grade book module
  • Additional functionalities included:
    • Text to speech functionalities
    • Video, Audio and image management sub-modules
    • Full Common Core Standards module development as proposed by US federal standards
    • Common Core integration in all modules for ease of tracking and benchmarking
  • Rich, Meaningful Data Customized Text Fields
  • Formative Assessment Made Easy via ‘Traffic Light’ reports
  • Multifaceted Grade book that offer grades, process & comments
  • Artifacts, that lets teachers easily select any note – text, photo, video, or audio – and establish it as an artifact
  • Dropbox and iCloud integration
  • Database export and import functionality
  • Database merge function for Roster, classes, media and grade books
  • Password and security module


Synapse did a detailed project Analysis and planning on this project. Once the entire analysis report was presented and approach was agreed upon Synapse started work in parallel streams. While the design team was busy creating a highly functional user interface, the development team worked on database, iPhone app front end.

The primary challenge was to break down a 40+ screen app into simple modules to maintain a simple workflow and ensure a great user experience.


The app was launched under Beta stage with some of the major educational districts in New Jersey and it created a huge excitement within the education community. Today this app is available for download from iTunes store in two versions, Chronicle and Chronicle Lite.

Synapse is actively helping customer with marketing efforts and has designed and developed corporate website for the customer. This site can be viewed at Powerhouse Education.

  • Tools: Xcode, Photoshop, Storyboard
  • Database: SQLite
  • Operating System: iOS 5/6/7
  • Platform Support: iPad 2 onwards
  • Third Party API: Dropbox, iCloud, Text-2-Speech