Auto Accessory Configurator
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Auto Accessory Configurator

Auto Accessory Configurator is specifically designed for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) whose products & equipment are marketed & sale by a number of vendors. Our customer felt, there was a need to optimize the entire workflow from Dealers to the customer and efficiently track Sales performance and pipeline. The business requirement in turn, was to track the performance of Salesperson, Finance Manager and Service Coordinator to scale pipeline and revenue is the USP of our Automation tool.

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    Auto Accessory Configurator

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Synapse Team aims to build an Application with capabilities of managing Inventory, Dealer tasks, events, conduct and monitor sales campaign, lead generation, marketing automation, Asset tracking till delivery and Financial reports. Thus help in generating new opportunities and converting more leads in less time. Basic advantages of AAC:

  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Centralized Role-Based Security
  • Eliminate tedious Manual Documentation
  • Keep Track of sales activity and campaigns
  • Sales analytics available on any device


To achieve transformational direct material cost reduction with significantly high saving, AAC can gauge the interest of multiple dealers to perform their business concerning activities in the supervision of Manufacturer (Admin). Dealers have the authority to monitor the Leads generated by Sales Person, review and evaluate the sales initiatives, weekly/monthly/annually report, identifying customer’s needs and eventually nurturing their interests until it successfully transformed into opportunities.

Once the Product or accessories is added to cart (Bundle), a customer can pay the total amount in the form of EMI which will be authenticated and approved by Financial Manager and can generate financial reports, develop strategies and plans for the long-term client engagement.

The final Approval is made by Service Coordinator who is responsible to schedule and track delivery status of the bundle and hence acknowledges the successful delivery.

Dealer can review an organized manner advanced analytics reports (by Sales-Person, Financial Manager, Service Provider) which includes data bifurcated in total sales, pending sales, sales penetration, sales by category, sales by product, sales by vehicle and can export & generate valuable business insights helpful in making informed decisions.


The Automation Tool is load-bearer for the firms across the global automotive industry and thus enhanced and maintained by Synapse LLC. Synapse team officially manages a version-controlled development and production repositories of this website for our customer, while customer focuses on their core business.

  • Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Source Tree
  • Technology: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Browser Support: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome